About Platinum Poodles

Poodles are our passion.

At Platinum Poodles, we believe Standard Poodles are a beautiful breed that can make amazing partners, family members, emotional support animals, and therapy pets.

Platinum Poodles

Emily loves Paris and Milan.

Paris, the Blue Standard Poodle, and Milan, the Black & Cream Phantom Poodle, that is.

Emily Salzbrun, founder of Platinum Poodles, started with a dream to spread the joy of poodle friendship to others. She and Paris have been bonded together since she was a puppy in 2017. And now, you too can feel the joy of living and playing together with a Blue Standard Poodle puppy. Milan joined the family in 2021.

Platinum Poodles’ puppies are raised with Puppy Culture by Emily and her family. The puppies are kept together with their brothers and sisters - and dam, Paris - until they find a new family.

We provide you with your new best friend - one who is well-adjusted and healthy. Every puppy from Paris’ or Milan’s litters receives vet paperwork, three wormings, a distemper shot, information on the best food, a package of food, and the paperwork for AKC registration.

Puppy Culture

The first 8-12 weeks of any puppy's life are absolutely critical. Every touch, every smell, every interaction will shape their attitudes toward their new families.

We provide excellent and immediate socialization for our puppies, both with their natural brothers and sisters, as well as children in the household.

We believe in and practice safe early socialization, neurological stimulation, development of proper fear responses, anti-aggression protocols, potty training, crate training, and more.

Using the Puppy Culture system, you will receive a wonderfully well-adjusted Standard Poodle puppy who is ready to be welcomed into your home.

Paris standing in front of greenery

Paris, Blue Standard Poodle

Paris, the star of Platinum Poodles, is our beautiful Blue Standard Poodle.

Paris’ Stats

Pedigree by request

Poodle Type: Standard

Color: Blue

Birthdate: 05/08/2017

Height: 24”

Weight: 40 lbs.

Litter Size: 6-7 puppies

Other: Non-Shedding, Hypo-Allergenic

Genetic Panel: Available Upon Request

Milan sitting in front of a footbridge

Milan, Black & Cream Phantom Poodle

Milan is our beautiful, young, Black & Cream Phantom Poodle.

Milan’s Stats

Pedigree by request

Poodle Type: Standard

Color: Black & Cream Phantom with Silver Mask

Birthdate: 04/29/2021

Height: 26”

Weight: 50 lbs.

Litter Size: TBD

Other: Non-Shedding, Hypo-Allergenic

Genetic Panel: Available Upon Request